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Since ancient Rome it was common practice to use the Forums to publish announcements, requests for meetings for marriage purposes or business proposals. Today the Global forum is the web and we all spend time there every day, looking for information, work, entertainment, meetings or, you guessed it, announcements., and are just some of the thousands of ad platforms available today in Italy, but they are certainly the ones that offer the largest number of ads and active users on a monthly basis, except for specific sectors such as the automobile sector, in which dominates


The options available today for digital marketing are many and without professional guidance it is relatively easy to invest in the wrong channels.

Depending on the nature of the product or service treated, the location where the business is located, and numerous other factors, it is necessary to develop campaigns aimed at reaching the correct target.

How to find the target?

The relevant customer target for another company is not that the portion of the population that more than any other is potentially interested in purchasing its products or services. A BMW marketing campaign will hardly focus on new drivers, just as VivinC's promotion will hardly be concentrated in the summer months.

The methods to refine the target more and more in demographic terms, of location and of time bands are manifold. In large part, however, it is possible to remedy this need by relying on platforms that perform segmentation of users by their very nature, such as ad platforms.

Segmentation and promotion

The generalist platforms that offer different types of ads are an optimal starting point for an e-commerce that does not have the resources or the time to develop a personalized strategy; the same also applies to companies that have consolidated digital marketing strategies and want to complement them.

The strength of the platforms lies in the amount of users who frequent them and who search for products and services through specific terms, filters and through a capillarization imposed by the platform itself.

In this way users are segmented by areas of interest and it is easier to offer their ads only to customers who are already looking for products or services in a specific category.

Sponsorship methods

Each platform has its specific terminology and methods, but for your e-commerce solutions are almost always attributable to three different options:

  1. Sponsored Ad - In this case you create an ad on the platform and invest in making it particularly visible, through colors different from the other ads, premium badges, a privileged position in the search or more.
  2. Business Option - The platform provides a "copy" of your e-commerce, making your products or services available and showing them to buyers interested in that specific category.
  3. Banners - Furthermore, it is possible to freely purchase advertising spaces within the platform. The ads are distributed following a category logic; in other words, if we have an e-commerce that sells bracelets, we will buy banners that will be shown when a user searches for bracelets or similar categories.

Ad platforms are a very important tool that allows you to start a targeted digital marketing strategy, without necessarily having to invest the time and money required, for example, by tools such as Google AdWords.

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