The bindCommerce service, described on the website, consists of an integration system between commercial platforms such as: management systems, eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, price comparison systems, and others. The provision takes place in SaaS Self Service mode (software as a service for autonomous use) through the bindCommerce servers and services connected to them.

The advance payment of the bindCommerce fee (in the terms and in the manner provided by the price list) enables the user to use the service.

Optionally it is possible to purchase additional and dedicated services ("timed" or "project" consultancy) for the initial configuration of your account and / or proactive and non-periodic periodic maintenance services.

These conditions apply to both the SaaS service and to additional services and projects sold separately. 

Parameters used to calculate the subscription ranges

Sales documents

Sales documents are orders, invoices and other types of documents that may be managed by the user.

Each time a connector is started, the system counts the sales documents on the system with the document date from that moment up to the previous 30 days; for example, by carrying out a processing operation on 4 June, such as an order download from its eCommerce platform to the bindCommerce platform, bindCommerce will count all orders from 5 May to 4 June.

In order for the requested processing to be performed, the number resulting from this count must fall within the limits set by the active plan. The count is independent of the bindCommerce subscription activation date.


The items are counted by observing the number of items in the product table on the bindCommerce platform. Each row of the table represents an item, regardless of the availability of the same in stock. In the case of products with variants, the parent product and each variant each occupy one row of the above table.

The number resulting from this count must fall within the management limits of the items envisaged by the active plan, otherwise the system does not carry out the planned processing.

Sizing of the delivery servers

Regardless of the subscription subscribed, under standard conditions, each customer is entitled to use the following server resources:

  • HD (physical disk space to host the delivery platform and the database) up to 10 GB
  • CPU and RAM suitable for the execution of 2 simultaneous connectors (1 automatic procedure + 1 connector/procedure in manual start)

The overcoming of these limits is possible, by agreement, through the addition of options to the basic subscription, aimed at dedicating adequate disk space and computational resources to the desired service. 


bindCommerce will keep confidential and give instructions to its staff, all the data and information it will have during the execution of the services covered by the service. bindCommerce undertake to use, with regard to such confidential data, the utmost care and the utmost discretion according to the current regulatory provisions.

Export of personal data acquired from Amazon

As regards the personal data of buyers acquired from the Amazon marketplace on your behalf, bindCommerce complies with the provisions dictated by Amazon.
The export of data to external systems (which can only be done through secure encrypted channels) is only allowed for fiscal reasons (tax calculation or mandatory storage within the terms of the law). Interfacing with external couriers to generate shipping labels must necessarily take place through the bindCommerce Shipping service.


bindCommerce reserves the right to advertise the supply, without compromising the confidentiality commitment of the data, for internal information, or as a reference to other customers.

Information on the treatment of personal data

Read Information on the processing of personal data carried out by bindCommerce

Duration of the service, expiration and early termination

The payment of the bindCommerce service is to be made in advance upon activation or before the expiry of the reference period (monthly or yearly).

In case of non-renewal (online request + payment of the relative fee) the system automatically deactivates the service, which can be reactivated within 3 months without losing its configurations, paying for the next period (month or year following the time of activation) and any arrears (relating to both fees and projects).

Non-payment of a part of the configuration project (possibly commissioned to the bindCommerce team) authorizes the suspension of the service, even if the payment of the fees has been made on time.

In the event of early termination (before or during the effective date), there is no refund for the value of the unused service period.

Service level agreement (SLA)

We define the availability of the service (SLA), in a given period, as the percentage of time in which the system is able to provide the integration service for which it was previously configured.

The period of disservice starts from the moment in which the bindCommerce technical support receives from the customer the notification of a blocking problem, through the opening of a new ticket (other forms of contact are explicitly excluded, such as telephone, chat, and -mail) and ends with the restoration of the service (which will be highlighted in the ticket).

bindCommerce provides the following SLA calculated on an annual basis. and in any case over a minimum period of 30 days, depending on the historicity of the relationship: target SLA: 99.50% | Minimum SLA: 98.00%

Failure to comply with the minimum SLA justifies termination of the contract with reimbursement of the portion of the rent not used up to maturity, or alternatively the generation of a credit equal to 10 times the disservice time suffered during the contract term. < / p>

Failure to comply with the target SLA offers customers who request it, a credit equal to 5 times the downtime during the contract term.

The following causes are excluded from the calculation of unavailability times:

  • errors in the configuration of the environment (except when these configurations have been explicitly commissioned to bindCommerce with a specific "turnkey" project);
  • changes in conditions surrounding the bindCommerce platform not previously agreed upon (e.g. updating an eCommerce CMS to a version not yet supported by bindCommerce);
  • cyber attacks (e.g. routing problems, DoS or DDoS attacks), viruses, failures on third-party software;
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and platform upgrades necessary to avoid security and / or stability and / or confidentiality and / or danger
  • integrity of the basic and application virtual infrastructure and of the data and / or information contained therein;
  • causes that determine the total or partial inaccessibility of the virtual infrastructure attributable to failures in the internet network outside the boundary of bindCommerce and in any case beyond its control.

Warranty and liability relating to the storage of data, cases of incorrect transmission, alteration and other anomalous situation

bindCommerce undertakes to implement appropriate preventive and possibly corrective actions to allow the correct functioning of the service, protecting the protection of all confidential data transmitted or stored on the archives of the service itself. 

bindCommerce also undertakes to remedy whenever possible, in the shortest possible time, all anomalies deriving from malfunctions of the service, computer attacks or other cases that prevent correct operation. This guarantee does not work with reference to malfunctions due to causes other than the normal and correct use of the service, with safety protections, and in particular:

  • negligence on the part of the customer
  • breakdowns due to accidental factors regulated by the Civil Code (e.g. force majeure)
  • software modifications not authorized by bindCommerce
  • configuration problems of the operating systems of any other third party software not included in the service offered directly by bindCommerce

However, the customer remains solely responsible for the protection and use of his data. He is required to make periodic backups of his data, before starting to use bindCommerce, and subsequently with sufficient frequency and retemption to guarantee ample possibilities of recovery in case of problems.

The customer is also responsible for verifying the correctness of the data processed and transmitted by bindCommerce, to and from the connected platforms.

In no case can bindCommerce be held responsible for direct or indirect damages related to the compromise or incorrect use of customer data, which remains solely responsible for the maintenance of the same, their control and the actions deriving from the their use.

bindCommerce cannot also be held responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by the disclosure of confidential data due to IT attacks, technical errors and any other case of non-voluntary disclosure.

Assistance on the services provided

The assistance service is managed through ticketing. Tickets are normally managed in order of arrival, but it is possible to request higher priority by purchasing the related service.

The assistance included in the fee allows you to report system malfunctions, to request verification of errors found in the log of your context, advice on specific functions, as well as wide-ranging strategic advice. On the other hand, it does not include activities to analyze the customer's context to verify and correct the configurations set independently by the same or by the bindCommerce staff after the release of any configuration projects (at the end of each "turnkey" project a written report is in fact released containing the instructions for use and made an in-depth call where the customer is asked to test the integration procedures). It also does not include the management of project activities that the client could carry out independently after a phase of information / study of the guides made available. For this type of request, a dedicated support service can be provided on request (through the purchase of hour packages or turnkey projects).


Last update: May 16, 2023