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The birth of the idea (year 2012)

In 2012 an entrepreneurial idea was born out of the concrete needs of 101 VETRINE, a Turin-based company that needed to synchronize a warehouse management system (Danea Easyfatt), 2 sites eCommerce and an eBay store, ensuring numerical consistency between these systems.

Future entrepreneurs face 2 years of development managed by telework, in order to arrive in 2014 to the first version of bindCommerce.

Company foundation (year 2014)

In June 2014 was born, first as a partnership, what would later become the current bindCommerce srl with a clear mission: to offer a complete and versatile solution to integrate the various tools that the entrepreneur uses to manage his online multi-channel commercial business.

The company was therefore born without external capital injection (Business Angels or Ventures Capital), but thanks to the sacrifice and hard work of the founding members, who have responded to very specific market needs, with a commercial formula (that of SaaS) which has met the favor of small and medium-sized enterprises, which make up a large part of the current customer base.

Distributed structure

The company operates completely in teleworking . The company's staff operates from various parts of Italy and abroad.

The organization of the work is coordinated and made fluid by online communication and coordination tools: platforms capable of eliminating the distances between colleagues and customers.

Thanks to voice chats, video conferencing, desktop sharing tools, we are virtually in the offices of our customers, closer than anyone else. We are teleworkers at the service of our teleclients .

Everything is online : the VoIP telephone switchboard, the platform for managing requests for assistance, commercial activity and project coordination.


At the beginning of 2016, is born windCommerce business branch dedicated to the offer of e-commerce services (complementary to the bindCommerce business)

windCommerce deals with market analysis, development of eCommerce sites, web marketing campaigns, social commerce, hosting and maintenance of the sites created, restyling of existing projects, etc ...

windCommerce can count on a wide availability of skills on multiple platforms and technologies. The business model is also based on professional collaboration with well-known professionals thanks to the bindCommerce service.

Innovative Startup (2016)

In order to offer its services with professionalism and cheapness, the "bindCommerce" web based platform of the same name is managed, which requires continuous investments in research and development .

Precisely by virtue of these investments, from 24 June 2016 the company is registered in the special section of the Business Register dedicated to innovative startups .

Among the requirements to be considered an innovative startup is the commitment to maintain research and development costs equal to or greater than 15% of the greater value between cost and total production value.

Smart & Start (2017)

In June 2017 Invitalia S.p.A. considers the project worthy and decides to support the growth of the company by admitting it to benefit from the public contribution offered by the Smart & Start call.

The project admitted to the contribution, worth € 405,785.60 , will end in June 2019 and concerns the growth in the number of integrated platforms (management, CMS eCommerce and marketplace) and the improvement of existing integrations.

The value of the contribution, equal to 70% of the eligible costs, in the form of a subsidized loan, without interest, will be of a maximum amount of € 284,049.92 (of which € 56,809.98 not subject to reimbursement).

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bindCommerce s.r.l.

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Registered in Napoli - REA: NA - 910618
Share capital € 20.000,00 fully paid
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