Integrazione con ePrice

Integration with ePrice

The integration between bindCommerce and ePrice allows you to create offers from their products previously saved on bindCommerce, send them to the marketplace, so that they are published , and to download the orders collected by updating the stock of warehous .

To publish the products, each item must have a barcode (EAN, UPC, ISBN). It is possible to publish offers for products already known to ePrice (by sending only a few information: available quantity, processing times and sale price), or manage the creation of complete product data sheets, sending any information necessary for this purpose (titles, categories, attributes, image gallery, etc.). 

You can request that the initial configuration service be performed on a project basis by the bindCommerce team. We invite you to contact us to find out more about your needs.

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ePrice, 100% Italian e-commerce

Based in Milan, the company can boast of being a purely Italian e-commerce, in a landscape increasingly dominated by huge multinationals with ramifications all over the world, first of all Amazon.

ePrice 1.0: sale of technology

ePRICE was born in the early 2000s as an online retail player in Italy. In 2007 it joined the Banzai Group, quoted on the Stock Exchange in the Star segment of Italian Stock Exchange, and his role as the Italian e-Commerce leader in the sale of technology and appliances grows to such an extent that the whole company changes its name to ePRICE SpA , starting in 2016.

The growth of ePrice has led it to date to boast a turnover of around one hundred ninety million euros and over one hundred eighty employees. (Data referring to 2017)

The key to the turning point? A strategy entirely focused on online, the ability to meet the needs and peculiarities of the Italian customer by offering the most complete range of payment solutions possible on the online market, the decision to focus on specific segments such as the large appliance and the services it offers related.

ePrice 2.0: from e-Commerce to e-Service, leader of a high added value niche

The business models that can currently be pursued for a company are many and very different from each other; in the digital sphere, the most relevant distinction is that between pure online business, offline and hybrid business.

ePrice has increasingly moved towards pure online, recognizing the value that the solution could offer, in particular in terms of cost reduction, investment focus and stock management.

Presence on the territory

This does not mean, however, that ePrice has no reference point in the area. With a network of about 290 InPost Lockers and 133 Pick&Pay collection points, ePrice offers its customers the possibility to conveniently pick up the item purchased online at a point near them, also being able to pay at the time of collection, via POS, credit card, both products sold directly by ePRICE and by the approximately 2,000 active sellers on its marketplace.

ePrice Home Service

The most recent evolution of the company has seen the development of a branch dedicated to the sale, delivery and installation of large-sized appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators or ovens.

This solution was born from a need, that is to be able to buy items of even large dimensions online, obviating the problem of collection, transport and installation. ePrice also offers an annual warranty and assistance included in the service.

These services are certainly worthy of the leading Italian e-commerce in recent years, capable of growing by over 50% during the days of Black Friday 2018.

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