AssistenzaIn this section of the site you can request assistance by opening a ticket.

We recommend that you open one ticket for each topic (not mixing multiple issues into a single ticket will make it easier for the support team to approach it, and your requests can be handled in parallel by multiple technicians.) indicating a significant title (for example avoiding titles such as "URGENT", "I NEED HELP", better "Downloading eBay orders blocked"). 

The assistance service operates from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00

Tickets are normally managed in arrival order, but if you want your request to be analyzed before the others, after opening the ticket, you can buy the ticket priority service, and your ticket will be considered before the others.

Theassistance included in the fee:

  • Allows to report system malfunctions
  • Allows to request verification of errors found in the log of your context
  • Allows to request advice on specific features.
  • Allows to request broad spectrum strategic advice
  • It does not allow activities to be analyzed on the context of the customer to verify and correct the configurations set independently by the same or by the bindCommerce staff after the release of any configuration projects. At the end of each "turnkey" project, a written report is issued containing the instructions for use and an in-depth call is made where the customer is asked to test the integration procedures.
  • It does not allow to ask bindCommerce staff to create/modify their own configurations, or in general to carry out project activities that the customer could carry out independently after a phase of information/study of the guides made available. For this type of request, a quote can be provided for dedicated support (through the purchase of hour packages or turnkey projects).


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