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The integration of the VirtueMart eCommerce system was the first to be completed by the bindCommerce team. The covered versions of the integration are all those available starting from version 1.x

The coverage of integration is very wide, both for products and for orders, in both directions: the service allows you to publish your product catalog on VirtueMart, but also to use VirtueMart as a data source to go to other systems (such as marketplaces). Orders can be picked up by VirtueMart in order to be sent to external systems (e.g. ERP), or it is possible to manage integration in the opposite direction, by centralizing orders on the VirtueMart panel.

Communication with VirtueMart takes place through scripts developed entirely by the bindCommerce team, without using external APIs. Thanks to the technology used, the dialogue between the systems is very fast (in a few minutes thousands of products can be transferred).

You can request that the initial configuration service be carried out on a project basis by the bindCommerce team. We invite you to contact us to find out more about your needs.

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Presentation of VirtueMart

VirtueMart is a component for Joomla! to manage an e-shop already complete with everything needed for online sales.

You can easily activate a catalog of products or services on the Internet. The management can be carried out through a control panel that allows, from your PC, to set prices, describe products, list their characteristics, insert photos, divide them into categories, check orders, study statistics and many other options.

The control panel is the tool through which you can manage and modify all the VirtueMart functions, and it is located inside Joomla! (under the menu item Components & VirtueMart).


The products can be divided into nested categories, and this allows the creation of rational navigation trees for the identification of products. However, a product can belong to several categories, and this allows to use several "research axes"; for example I could look for a ring both by collection and by material.


Each product is described by a large set of features and options.

The main information about the product are: its code, name, short and extended description, the manufacturer, the list price, the standard VAT rate and any discount. It is also possible to manage downloadable products (e.g. MP3 files).

The warehouse stock is also managed (with the possibility of not showing the unavailable products or letting the customer leave his email to be notified when the product will be available again), different delivery times and attributes (e.g. size and color). with differentiable prices.

To manage the dynamic calculation of shipping costs, it is possible to define the dimensions, weight and type of packaging of the products.

Each product can be accompanied by multiple images.

To increase sales opportunities, Virtuemart also manages the possibility of adding related products, which will appear under the product detail sheet.

Customer reviews

Optionally it is possible to enable the possibility of having customers write reviews on the products on sale.

Customer categories

To manage B2B eCommerce or for other differentiation needs, it is possible to manage multiple categories of customers, who can benefit from differentiated prices.

Payment methods

The main payment methods available on the market are supported, including PayPal, in addition to the manual control methods (bank transfer, prepaid card top-ups, cash on delivery, etc.).


It is possible to manage multiple couriers with different rates according to the place of delivery (postcode classes) and the weight of the goods

Coupon (discount coupons or gift)

It is possible to manage discount and gift vouchers, with percentage or absolute value, with expiry or without expiration.

Purchase report

The administrative interface allows easy viewing of the purchases made, being able to add notes and send the customer information on the status of the order. Quantitative reports on the number and amount of purchases are available.

Affiliate programs

The system is designed to manage affiliate programs by integrating external products.

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