Business plans always include integration with the company management system (for warehouse and billing) and the presence of other data sources (dropshipper, import files for information enrichment, eCommerce sites, Icecat, Google Translate). The price includes a national sales channel of your choice (eCommerce site in one language, national marketplace, price comparators, classifieds site, scheduled export file, social network, API) and optionally it is possible to add all the necessary national sales channels.


  • up to 1,000 items
    or 100 orders monthly

  • € 29.00
  • monthly
    or € 319.00 / year, you save one month
  • 1 12
    A national sales channel. Items include variations. Auto sync every 12 hours (unlimited manuals)

  • + € 9.00
  • per additional channel

  • up to 2,000 items or
    200 orders monthly

  • € 39.00
  • monthly
    or € 429.00 / year, you save one month
  • 1 6
    A national sales channel Items include variations. Auto sync every 6 hours (unlimited manuals)

  • + € 12.00
  • per additional channel
Mini Market

  • up to 5,000 items or
    300 orders monthly

  • € 59.00
  • monthly
    or € 649.00 / year, you save one month
  • 1 3
    A national sales channel. Items include variations. Auto sync every 3 hours (unlimited manuals)

  • + € 15.00
  • per additional channel

  • up to 10,000 items or
    700 orders monthly

  • € 79.00
  • monthly
    or € 869.00 / year, you save one month
  • 1 2
    A national sales channel. Items include variations. Auto sync every 2 hours (unlimited manuals)

  • + € 18,00
  • per additional channel

For higher needs you can evaluate the enterprise-level plans. By purchasing the annual subscription, a discount equal to the value of one month is granted.


Integration with sales channels

CMS eCommerce in one language

Ecwid by Lightspeed

National marketplaces (one market)

Amazon Business
Mano Mano
Facebook Catalogue

Scheduled file export

In each plan it is possible to export through the bindCommerce interface (by clicking on the appropriate "download" button) some standard reports in CSV or Excel format.

Scheduled export with deposit via FTP (schedulable by procedure) is instead offered as a sales channel. An activation fee may be charged at the subscription price (depending on the availability of the requested export model).

Price comparators

It allows the generation of feeds to any price comparator of interest to the seller. Comparators already available can be used immediately, while those not yet available will be activated (included in the option price) following an explicit written request.

Google Shopping

Integration with data sources

Administrative and warehouse management

Each bindCommerce subscription includes the integration service to and from (products and orders) an ERP to be chosen from those available, based on the state of integration with that specific management platform.

For someERPs there are additional costs to be paid directly to the bindCommerce partner companies that have implemented the integration on the management side and / or for the initial configuration of the integration (for more information contact our team). Each user has the right to be integrated with an archive of a management software chosen from those available. However, more complex configurations (with more than one management archive) are possible with an additional monthly cost

Import, translation and content enrichment

Included in each plan, there is a tool that can be configured by the user, to import various types of files (csv, Excel, OpenOffice Calc, some XML files) on a scheduled basis, with iterative retrieval (browse key), FTP or HTTP (also authenticated), Google Drive or Dropbox through HTTPS. This tool also allows you to import files made available by many dropshippers.

Google Translate is a pay-as-you-go service (€ 20.00 for every 100,000 characters translated). Integration with Icecat is offered included in the price on all plans.  

Procedure start-up frequency

On all plans it is possible to execute scheduled automatic procedures (with a frequency that depends on the plan purchased), or to start the procedures manually.

Unless the "dedicated power" service is purchased (available only for Enterprise tier plans), each customer can run only one automatic procedure at the same time, regardless of the maximum automatic start frequency.


  • automatic updates
    every 12 hours

    maximum one simultaneous procedure
  • Fast option 60 minutes
    it is possible to increase the frequency of automatic updating
    at the price of € 23.00 / month

  • automatic updates
    every 6 hours

    maximum one simultaneous procedure
  • 60 minutes fast option
    you can increase the frequency of automatic updating
    at the price of € 21.00 / month
Mini Market

  • automatic updates
    every 3 hours

    maximum one simultaneous procedure
  • 60 minutes fast option
    it is possible to increase the frequency of automatic updating
    at the price of € 17.00 / month

  • automatic updates
    every 2 hours

    maximum one simultaneous procedure
  • 60 minutes fast option
    you can increase the frequency of automatic updating
    at the price of € 13.00 / month

Backlink discount

All plans are discounted at source of € 10.00 / month due to the backlink. It is possible to renounce the discount by purchasing the exemption at the price equal to the discount (€ 10.00 / month or € 110.00 / year).


Logistics and courier integration

Logistics integration services allow the integration of express couriers, shipping aggregators and warehouse management systems, to communicate the shipments to be made (from bindCommerce to logistics centers) and the status of the shipment (from management and logistics centers to bindCommerce).

Poste Delivery Business
Posta 1
Crono Express
Royal Mail

Price for each shipment managed: € 0.10


Premium functions


The premium functions allow you to enhance bindCommerce and make it perform very particular functions in various areas


  • € 9,00
  • monthly
    or € 99.00 / year, you save one month

  • € 13,00
  • monthly
    or € 143.00 / year, you save one month
Mini Market

  • € 19,00
  • monthly
    or € 209.00 / year, you save one month

  • € 23,00
  • monthly
    or € 253.00 / year, you save one month


To know the prices of the automatic repricing service, consult the dedicated page of our price list.


Assistance and support services

assistenza e supportoEvery new customer is entitled to 1 hour of welcome telephone training. This training can be useful to guide the integration strategy and system configuration activities.

All plans (even the free plan) include:

  • the use of all available guides
  • the use of the forum to deal with the bindCommerce team and other users
  • the ability to open support ticket
  • the possibility of being contacted by phone by the assistance team, if deemed useful by the operator, to improve understanding of the problem

Theassistance included in the fee:

  • Allows to report system malfunctions
  • Allows to request verification of errors found in the log of your context
  • Lets request advice on specific features.
  • Allows to request broad spectrum strategic advice
  • It does not allow to ask bindCommerce staff to create/modify their own configurations, or in general to carry out project activities that the customer could carry out independently after a phase of information/study of the guides made available. For this type of request, on request, the service can be provided by dedicated support.


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