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This is the end result of all the bright lights, and the comp trips, and all the champagne, and free hotel suites, and all the broads and all the booze. It's all been arranged just for us to get *your money*.

Casino – Sam “Ace” Rothstein

There is nothing in common between a phrase extracted from a film by Martin Scorsese from the 1990s and Facebook in 2017. At least, not on the surface.

Deep down, however, a very similar heart beats: a process managed by a corporation that aims to offer you a pleasant experience, which lasts as long as possible. The longer your stay in a casino, the more the house has a chance of winning. The longer your stay on Facebook, your usage time, the higher the value of the advertisements.

Las Vegas has evolved over time, moving from a meeting point for hardened gamblers to a Disneyland for adults, run by huge conglomerates. In a very similar way, Facebook has evolved, passing a small niche platform for Ivy League students, to an all-inclusive platform where you can get to know, talk, get informed, play, sell and buy.

The good and bad news

If you are indeed a hardened gambler, this paragraph is bad news for you, but nothing new, you could bet.

In any other case, what interests you is the expansion of Facebook, and the news is excellent.
Why? For the simple reason that you have at your disposal a platform with over 1.9 billion users on a monthly basis, growing, optimized for the collection of information for commercial purposes.

How does it work

On Facebook you can buy in two basic ways: through the integrated marketplace, launched in September 2017, and through the shops of shops and companies.

Facebook Marketplace

In the first case, the innovation arose from a spontaneous evolution of groups of enthusiasts; in many cases, in fact, these groups were the best place to look for new or used items at excellent prices. Facebook has incorporated this function, integrating it in its platform in a centralized way.

Retail and E-Commerce

In the second case it is a question of using Facebook as a showcase and direct reference to the website from which you can buy the products or services.
The potential of the platform is enormous and it is currently difficult to find a efficient company that does not offer its products or services on Facebook.

Selling through Facebook works for two main reasons: for the trust perceived towards the platform and thanks to the optimization process implemented by Facebook to facilitate the sale and offer relevant content.

Why does selling through Facebook work?

Trust in the Platform

Facebook is a digital place where we interact with relatives, friends, colleagues on a daily or almost basis. It is undoubtedly a place that we have trusted and with which we have been dealing with for years. In a similar way to what happens for example on Amazon, it is easier for us to accept a purchase proposal received through a familiar platform than through a website that we stumbled upon by chance.

Optimization and Targeting

Even more important than user trust, however, is the ability to offer targeted content and products to those who might be really interested in purchasing them.

The heart of a social network is given, by its very nature, by users who voluntarily provide personal information concerning their life, their work, their studies, passions, events and more .

This information is a gold mine that allows those who manage an e-commerce through Facebook to offer its products and services in a capillary way to their target.

The speech is not limited exclusively to the platform itself, but also extends to all the platforms that are reached starting from Facebook or connected to it.

If you are looking for a new car on Autoscout or a new mobile phone on Ebay, the next time you enter Facebook you will receive announcements regarding those same products.

Facebook and E-Commerce: A Need

Launching an e-commerce and not connecting it to Facebook is certainly possible and, with significant investments of time and money in the SEO area, it can also become very profitable; but in most cases it is not an advisable strategy.

The nature of the platform supports the growth of brands and can be a very important tool, both for start-up companies and for mature companies, in particular if a paid promotional campaign is associated with organic growth content relevant to your target.

Counter Always Wins

In this case, however, customer and seller can both be on the lucky side of the counter; who finding the right customers, who finding the optimal offer for his needs.

Are you ready to play?

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