Integrazione con Amazon Business

The integration of bindCommerce with Amazon Business offers companies the opportunity to manage pre-sales and post-sales processes in a simple and fast way.

The processes envisaged by the integration with Amazon Business include:


  • VAT Classification (ProductTaxCode): Publish offers, complete with the VAT Classification (ProductTaxCode) field. The field in question provided by Amazon Business, is a code that identifies the class of the product for the purposes of applying VAT. Thanks to this code, Amazon will be able to separate the VAT from the sale price, and in the event of subjects with multiple VAT numbers (or from 2020 with the European VAT management) also make private individuals pay the current VAT with the type of product and the residence of the buyer. The VAT Classification field is sent individually for each item, and must match one of the values ​​in the Amazon Business list. For example, for an article such as pasta (fresh or dried) the VAT classification code corresponds to A_FOOD_PASTANOODLE. The list of valid values ​​is made available by Amazon.
  • B2B prices: through bindCommerce it is possible to send a special price list to fill in the B2B Price field provided by Amazon Business only for companies and entrepreneurs
  • Discounts for quantities.


  • is_business field: this field allows you to distinguish Business orders from Seller orders thanks to the enhancement of a specific field filled in with Yes or No based on the nature of the order itself
  • Purchase order
  • VAT number and SDI Code: Orders downloaded from Amazon Business will be complete with valid billing information
  • Invoice: You can also download invoices issued by Amazon on behalf of the seller or manage a VIDR integration with the ERP of the seller

Amazon Business

Amazon Business is the new Amazon store, created specifically for entrepreneurs and companies, which simplifies online shopping and offers access to over 250 million products for companies. Any company can create an account to expand its online sales network, with particular attention to B2B customers, and have access to many dedicated resources:

  • Simplified invoicing: support for Electronic Invoicing and integration with the Exchange System (Sdl) of the Revenue Agency
  • Offers reserved for companies: B2B prices, with the possibility of discounts on quantities
  • Diversified payment methods: SEPA direct debit and credit or debit cards accepted

Creating an Amazon Business account is very simple, and offers many opportunities to sellers who want to address a clientele also made up of companies and entrepreneurs, as well as individuals.

Amazon Partner

Amazon Partner

In September 2017, in the face of the work done and a series of commitments for the further improvement of the integration, in particular with regard to the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and Amazon Businness implementation, bindCommerce was recognized by Amazon as a strategic integration partner.
The collaboration is confirmed in 2022 with the assignment of the "Software Partner" badge.

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Technical guide for integrating with Amazon business

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