bindCommerce manages integration with the main eCommerce platforms, both open source, and SaaS ( Software as a Services ).

When the company uses an ERP or takes its product catalog from some dropshipper, bindCommerce can manage the population of the eCommerce site by publishing the products on the eCommerce platform, useful both in the initial phase (first publication) and for subsequent updates. For each publication / update it is possible to choose whether to publish all the available data, or only some of them (e.g. only prices and / or warehouse availability).

When the company does not manage the post-sale phase on the eCommerce site, bindCommerce can manage the download of orders from the eCommerce platform to other systems, such as the company management system or the system that manages shipments.


Some companies prefer instead to use the eCommerce platform as a central system to manage the stock and after sales. For these realities bindCommerce can offer downloading products to other systems (like other eCommerce sites or marketplaces), updating prices and stock availability (considering the eCommerce site as a central warehouse), as well as the acquisition of orders generated on external systems

To date, the following eCommerce platforms have been integrated: VirtueMart per Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart e Shopify.


Other integrations with eCommerce platforms

If you need to integrate a platform not included among those listed here, contact us to explain your needs.

Among the platforms that we have considered integrating in the future are the following. What do you think?

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All types of integration available


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