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The service offered by bindCommerce allows automatic dialogue with the European (Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom) and American (USA, Canada and Mexico) markets.

The integration concerns both the pre-sale and post-sale processes, therefore concerning the creation of products and offers, their updating, and the unloading of orders.

When you intend to publish the products in your warehouse on Amazon, you must first of all investigate whether these products are already sold by some competitor (including Amazon itself), or not. If these are already present in the Amazon catalog, the publication of new offers provides for the sending of a limited set of information: the product code used by the seller (SKU), the unique code to identify the product (EAN, UPC or barcode ISBN, or the internal Amazon code referred to as ASIN), the sale price, stock availability and shipping times. In fact, it will not be necessary to send all the information needed to describe the product in detail (title, description, photographs, etc.) in which this information is already present on the platform.

The presentation method on Amazon, in fact, provides that for each product there is only one page, with all the technical and descriptive details of the product itself, the photo gallery and comparisons with similar products. On this page there are the offers of all the sellers, and for each of these: the status (new / used) the sale price, availability and shipping times. Among all the offers there will be one that will certainly sell more than the others: the one that Amazon places in Buy Box, that is, in the privileged position of quick purchase. 

If a product is already registered by Amazon, it will not be possible to make changes to its description, either through the Seller Central interface (the seller's control panel), or through bindCommerce. Any modification on existing product sheets is destined to go through Amazon customer service (with the opening of a support ticket); after all, any change will have effects on all the sellers who are proposing that product, therefore Amazon wants to ensure that the description of the same is correct and exhaustive.

Definitely more demanding is the activity to create a new product on Amazon, of which Amazon asks to detail as much information as possible, to allow buyers to perform targeted searches based on product qualities: materials, sizes, colors, intended uses, etc ...

When new products are created, it is also necessary to provide a classification for them, specifying the family they belong to and the browse node (s) (the micro-category they belong to). These specifications are dictated to Amazon through the combination of the bindCommerce categories (which can coincide with those present on the ERP, or can be created as additional), and Amazon ones.

Even the creation of new products is therefore carried out by bindCommerce in automatic mode, but before starting the publication automatism it is necessary to instruct the system on the data to be considered. Among the possibilities offered by the integration we also have the choice of the starting warehouse of the goods, which may be that of the seller, or that of Amazon (FBA) which will offer the important competitive advantage Amazon Prime

After creating your own offers, the following activities are repetitive: every day, several times a day, it will be advisable to download the orders received and to update the warehouse availability. These activities are managed automatically, by inserting the connectors into specific procedures, automatically scheduled, thanks to which it will be possible to keep synchronized the quantities of products actually available between Amazon and the warehouse manager (which may be the management system company, an eCommerce site, or maybe an external dropshipper).

Amazon Partner

Amazon Partner

In September 2017, in the face of the work done and a series of commitments for the further improvement of the integration, in particular with regard to the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and Amazon Businness implementation, bindCommerce was recognized by Amazon as a strategic integration partner.
The collaboration is confirmed in 2022 with the assignment of the "Software Partner" badge.

New sellers

Thanks to the partnership between bindCommerce and Amazon, new sellers will be able to be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who will provide support and help them grow within the marketplace.

You can request that the initial configuration service be performed on a project basis by the bindCommerce team. We invite you to contact us to find out more about your needs.

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