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bindCommerce has introduced the functionality that allows to generate product catalogs in PDF format starting from the list of articles on the platform, from the related categories, attributes, prices, availability, attribute values and any other information managed (therefore starting from the data on the ERP and/or on its eCommerce website).

The conveniences of using this function are manifold:

  • It is possible to have a always updated catalog , containing a specific price list if desired, to be made available to sellers in a private way;
  • Sometimes, customers appreciate an offline consultation tool , which is therefore useful for advertising their articles;
  • Having a PDF catalog available is very convenient for those who manage B2B sales (Business 2 Business);
  • Thanks to the automatic translation features of bindCommerce and through alternative descriptions, obtaining multiple versions of the same catalog in different languages becomes an extremely fast operation.

Generation of the PDF catalog

For the development of all the configurations useful for the first creation of the catalog, the support of the development team is required. A customized configuration project will be set up: each customer can customize his / her own PDF catalog as he prefers .

After a first basic graphic configuration, it is possible to enrich the layout with elements as desired, both in the covers and in the intermediate pages of the catalog, for example by inserting header and footer images, presentation photos to separate the different types of article, index of favorites using tags containing, for example, the names of the categories.

One of the most interesting features is precisely that of portioning the entire catalog based on specific filters , applicable directly in bindCommerce.

The PDF can be divided according to categories, manufacturers or attributes that reflect the characteristics of the products. These will form the index of the file and this will allow you to navigate quickly the same.

Finally, the customer will be autonomous in managing product information and translations thanks to the templates and connectors for generating alternative descriptions made available by bindCommerce.

catalogo pdf 1200

Download an example of a catalog generated by bindCommerce:

pdfmlc_catalog_it.pdf26.15 MB

In this case, the categories were used to create the catalog index.

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