Orderlion is an order collection system that acts as a reserved App or eCommerce site, available to commercial agents and customers.

Integration with bindCommerce allows you to:

  • create product master data (also multilingual)
  • keep stock availability and prices updated (even multi-list)
  • acquire orders

What does Orderlion do?

Helps food suppliers to finally get rid of orders collection process. Each order placed from a customer (or sales person) pops up as a bill to be confirmed in the office or warehouse ERP.

How does it work?

There are the three main tools:

  • sales app
  • customers app
  • automatic reader of all those orders placed in the "old school way"

This last one tool processes audio and written messages, excels, pdfs and mails comparing quantities and type of products with previous bills of the same customer. This way up to 100% of mistakes can be prevented, as vagueness and mistyping won't be in your way anymore.

How will it impact my company?

The three tools can either be used together or individually, as much as the ERP connection can be done or not. It all comes down to what you need and want to do.

Suppliers working with Orderlion's customers app experience up to 20 hours of work saved a week, +30% of orders and +25% average basket increase.

Here's one partner talking about his experience.

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