managed servicesThanks to in-depth guides and team assistance, the customer can be completely independent in the use of the system, both in the initial configuration phase, and in the subsequent ordinary management. To configure bindCommerce, no technical skills are required (programming, special languages, etc ...) but surely you need to have managerial skills to design and parameterize your work environment. In some cases it is necessary to know how to work with spreadsheets and text files (for example to configure the import of feeds from dropshippers) or with the HTML language (to prepare your own eBay template).

If for your convenience or internal organization, the customer wishes to delegate some or all of the configuration and use of the system, the bindCommerce team, also thanks to a network of partners, can take charge of certain activities on behalf of the customer. There are many activities and professionalisms that we can make available.

The dedicated support can be activated in relation to simple activities (normally priced based on the time spent), or it can concern complete integration projects, starting from the management, to get to the various sites or marketplaces where the customer intends to sell.

Here are some examples of "model projects".


The service consists of the initial configuration of a context consisting of a management system (eg Danea) or a catalog to be imported in CSV format with a marketplace such as eBay, Amazon, Spartoo, ePrice, etc ....

The configuration of the following elements is foreseen:

  • 2 or 3 nodes
  • from 7 to 14 connectors
  • 1 template (configuration of a bindCommerce gallery template)
  • configurations of matches and Marketplace settings
  • 1 procedure 


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