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Cdiscount - The evolution of retail across the Alps

Typing on the browser takes you to the page under maintenance of a discount which will be opening soon.

Typing, on the other hand, leads to a world worth around two billion euros, in which over one thousand three hundred employees work, serving a third of the French population.

Follow this link to start selling on Cdiscount with 3 months of free subscription.

From Local to Digital

Born in 1999, from the idea of the three Charle brothers, Cdiscount was initially focused mainly on local products from the Bordeaux region, products that could export local cultural values through the nascent world of the web.

The turning point

In February 2000, shortly after its launch, Cdiscount became a subsidiary of the Casino Groupe, operator of the French large-scale distribution with operating centers all over the world and listed on the Paris stock exchange.

The support of a highly organized retail structure with thousands of points of sale distributed throughout the territory has allowed e-commerce to buy products at competitive prices, distributing them through a network of over eighteen thousand collection points.

The Online Strategy

However essential, a good logistic structure supporting operations is not enough for an e-commerce that wants to manage large volumes.

The key to success?

Maybe you've heard of it thousands of times, maybe just in passing, maybe you've even worked on it. Even in the event that you've never had to deal with SEO, SEO has had to do with you; even while reading this article!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means the set of operations carried out during the development of a site, the publication of content, maintenance and any other phase of the life span of a website

The ultimate goal? Appearing on the front pages of search engines, reaching out to others potential buyers interested in a particular product or service.

Today an optimal SEO strategy is the minimum necessary to be competitive online, but Cdiscount has taken care of this aspect of its strategy from the beginning.

Do you know your customers?

The attention paid to product descriptions meant that e-commerce could reach the target that was most interested in its products.

An example above all, a description of the colloquial product, similar to what we could type in the Google bar: Economic kitchen built-in refrigerator.

The SEO strategy is only one aspect, perhaps the most evident, of a much deeper continuous process: the continuous collection of data on its customers.

From digital to local

Supported by the group's network of physical stores, Cdiscount aims at a loyalty process that can offer an ever wider choice of products at a competitive price.

To do this, in recent years the retailer has developed a business model similar to that of Amazon, allowing local companies to sell through the Cdiscount portal, entrusting the delivery to the sorting center or making available the collection in the area.

In the same way, the Casino Groupe, thanks to the data collected through e-commerce, is opening specialized stores exclusively in online best sellers.

With over thirty thousand orders a day, Cdiscount is today certainly a business model emblematic of the strength that a successful digital strategy can also exert on the world around us, improving it.

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