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Sellacious is a component for Joomla that allows you to create eCommerce and Marketplace(!).

bindCommerce makes available the integrations between Sellacious and the main Italian ERP and warehouse management systems, international marketplaces, dropshipping suppliers, price comparators and social networks.

The integrations available today with Sellacios are as follows:

  • product publishing (from bindCommerce to Sellacious)
  • orders import (from Sallacious to bindCommerce)
  • order status update (from bindCommerce to Sellacious)

In addition to the integration of Sellacios as a "single seller" platform, bindCommerce can offer a personalized service to integrate its marketplace based on Sellacious technology with the various sellers that operate there.

Sellacious potential

The administrative interface is something more than the usual Joomla backend; it is in fact a control panel (reachable from a customizable folder, different from / administrator) that the seller (or the sellers, when we talk about the marketplace) and the administrators can use to manage the commercial activities, forgetting the Joomla structure. The power and versatility of Joomla, however, return to assert themselves to manage all the collateral activities: templates, menus, reserved areas in front.end, to get to the addition of all possible features with additional components, such as newsletters, forums, integration with social networks, security management, etc ...
Thanks to an accurate use of the indexes on the database (very well structured) and to the integrated cache management, with selective regeneration, it is possible to manage even very large catalogs (the bindCommerce team has experimented with the creation of a marketplace with almost 3 million offers on the day of its opening).

The important features are the following:

  • Highly articulated product sheets, with useful additional fields managed natively (e.g. 5 bullet points such as Amazon, videos, dimensional data)
  • Product specifications (attributes) customizable by category: this feature makes Sellacious suitable for creating an PMI (Products Information Management)
  • Customizable backend interface (you can choose which fields to make available to the seller according to the structure you have decided to give to the site)
  • Choosing, in the product creation phase, which field to consider unique and, if the desired product already exists, redirect to the relevant offer creation form (same mechanism used by Amazon with barcodes)
  • Articulated rules for the determination of the shipping rate
  • Multi-attribute variants management (e.g. size, color, material)
  • Many payment methods (over 45)
  • Multi currency
  • Powerful tax calculation system
  • Management of product questions
  • Financial transaction management (with automatic calculation of commissions due to the marketplace owner and assignment of shipping costs to the seller)
  • Special categories to highlight the products (with the sale of the time visibility service to the seller)
  • Questions about the products
  • Internal messaging system that can be monitored by the administrator
  • Geolocation offers
  • Customizable transactional emails
  • Sale of packages or bundles of items
  • Related products
  • Product comparison
  • Wishlist

Sellacious is also ideal for those who want to sell digital products, such as eBooks, images, music or videos. In fact, it offers many specific features for these categories of articles, such as setting a specific period for downloading, creating user licenses with different purchase prices based on the specific license (for example personal or commercial), or the insertion of a watermark in case of stock images or documents.
All the features in question are native to Sellacious and can be used simply by configuring their parameters.

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