It is a service offered in SaaS (Software as a Service), this means that you don't have to buy any software: you only pay a usage fee

different types of systems and modular

Manages the integration of different types of systems (ERP, ecommerce platforms, marketplaces.

Thanks to its modular structure, it allows to integrate new technologies (e.g. management platforms or eCommerce) that were not initially foreseen

different types of connectors
Manages different types of connectors for each of the platforms considered; each type of connector performs a particular task parametrically, such as transferring products or orders to and from a a certain platform

To obtain maximum flexibility and expandability, each connector allows communication between the nodes considered (e.g. the eCommerce platform) and bindCommerce, and never directly between 2 external platforms. In this way, every time a connector is added to a node, this allows you to reach all the other platforms (nodes) already connected.


Connectors can be performed by procedures that aggregate them, allowing sequential and scheduled execution .

Once parameterized, the system operates autonomously, without the need for human intervention (when this is allowed by the platform to which you connect).

tabelle di log

The execution of connectors and procedures is recorded on special log tables which can be consulted by users, in order to guarantee control of the situation


Through a specific interface , the user can view and modify all the data recorded on the bindCommerce database: products, categories, multiple associations between products and categories, attributes (e.g. size and color), enhancement of attributes, price lists, prices, suppliers, manufacturers, images, customers, orders.


The structure is natively multidescriptive and multilingual , this means that for each product and for each category it is possible to manage different descriptions to be used in different contexts and in different languages.


The following animation shows an example of integration between 3 systems (an ERP, an eCommerce and a marketplace).



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