SAP ERP is a ERP management solution designed and developed by SAP SE, a German multinational founded in 1972, for the production of management software.

SAP is much more than a simple management system, but it is a software with which it is possible to manage every company resource, creating the right condition to plan every business activity.

Initially used mostly by large multinationals, in recent years it has also spread to small and medium-sized companies.

The SAP system boasts impressive flexibility, thanks to the ability to completely customize the interface with dedicated solutions, making use of integrated modules programmed ad-hoc with the native language (ABAP).

The integration between the SAP management system and bindCommerce occurs through the import of feeds exchanged in the common area. This will allow subsequent data processing to allow dialogue with eCommerce sites, marketplaces, price comparators, and other e-commerce platforms. BindCommerce will be able to process individual feeds by adjusting the import settings in based on the structure of the same, to meet any possible customization.

The integration allows you to carry out these activities with automatic and/or manual execution:

  • Import of products from the ERP to bindCommerce
  • Export of orders with attached data (order lines, customers) from the sales channels to the management system
  • Order status update (from ERP to sales channel via bindCommerce) with status change and insertion of the tracking code provided by the courier.
  • Put up for sale and/or partial updating of the product catalog to a sales channel (and Commerce, marketplace, etc. ..)


You can request information regarding integration with bindCommerce. We invite you to contact us to find out more about your needs.

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