Integration with QuickBooks

Integration with QuickBooks allows you to manage synchronization in 2 directions:

  • publish bindCommerce products to QuickBooks
  • import the orders that bindCommerce has collected from the sales platforms into QuickBooks

To activate the integration, a technical intervention is required for the initial configuration. If you need this solution, please contact the bindCommerce team.

Contact the bindCommerce team


QuickBooks, your pocket accountant

It hasn't been long since the years in which the documents were written by hand, yet they seem prehistory. Invoices, accounting, transport documents. A huge block with stamp, a pen and a lot of patience.

And most importantly, an accountant dedicated to his work.

A digital accountant

The unstoppable path towards digitalization has simplified many business processes, making obsolete practices and figures once indispensable, in particular within small businesses.

If the presence of professionals is indispensable for large and consolidated companies, small businesses can resort to digital solutions.

What does QuickBooks do?

QuickBooks is cloud-based accounting management software that allows you to keep track of all financial movements of an individual or a company, sending invoices, payment requests, generating reports on cash flow, sending the necessary documents to the accountant etc.

The evolution

The cloud platform, which has not yet landed in Italy in all respects (for example integration with some of the Italian banks or credit institutions is missing), is the new iteration of one of the best known and most used software in the field of digital accounting . Renowned for its user-friendly interface, the completeness of information provided and the flexibility of use, the Intuit platform has evolved by embracing the cloud. This solution allows access through dedicated applications or directly through the portal, allowing an uninterrupted workflow even when changing devices .


For a freelancer or a small company, keeping track of accounting is of huge importance. Partly because each euro constitutes a more relevant percentage of the total budget, but mainly because it is one of the most effective ways to clearly verify the path that follows the flow of money, to visualize it and make targeted strategic choices.

In other words, it is now possible to have an accountant and financial advisor in your pocket at a cost equal to that of one of the paper blocks for invoices that were used until a few years ago.

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