BindCommerce price management is multi-price and multi-currency.
Each price list can be defined as "own", a "supplier" or a "competitor", with the possibility of indicating the relationship with the relative supplier or competitor.
To allow total control over rounding, each price is saved both excluding VAT and including VAT. Furthermore, for the same price, a discounted price may also be indicated (which in turn may be understood as including or excluding VAT).

Each price can optionally be completed with validity ranges on the number of pieces purchased and on dates.

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Price rules

Through the "price rules", the system allows you to calculate the prices of a price list or the discounted prices starting from other prices already present on the system, using the formula:

[multiplier] x starting price list + [constant] + [shipping cost]

The result obtained can be rounded as desired (to the first, second decimal, or to the whole value).

Differential processes

To optimize computing power and minimize updates to external platforms, the price processing and updating processes operate in differential mode, considering only the products that have undergone a price change since the last successful execution of the same connector.

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Currency exchange

bindCommerce collects the exchange rates of the currencies of interest in a table, and thanks to these, allows the automatic recalculation of prices, adopting the most recent exchange rate.

Shipping Rates

The shipping methods table can be enriched with destinations and shipping rates structured by weight ranges.

The calculation of the tariff to be applied also takes into account various parameters:

  • Volumetric divider for the calculation of the volumetric weight instead of the real one
  • Maximum dimension of the longest side
  • Maximum dimension of the shortest side
  • Maximum dimension of the median side
  • Maximum size of the sum of the 3 sides
  • Small face perimeter maximum size plus other side
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Price variation log

Given the high level of automation in price management, it is important to guarantee sellers ample opportunity to verify the changes that have occurred. A special log therefore collects all the variations that have occurred over time on the prices, regardless of the reasons for the variations themselves (import, internal calculation, manual variation, etc...).

Using Prices

The export configurations to the sales channels allow you to choose the price list or price lists to use for the offers.
The use of multiple price lists is often associated with the presence of B2B (Business 2 Business) sales, where multiple prices are managed for each product, associated with different customer groups.

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