bindCommerce supports every stage of the integration process concerning orders and subsequent shipments.

The process begins when a customer places an order on a marketplace or eCommerce platform. After payment and any manual verification, the order passes into one of the states whose import you want to manage.

The objectives that bindCommerce aims to achieve with order management are as follows:

Inventory Sync: by transferring the order to the system that manages the inventory, this will be able to recalculate the stocks actually available after the order has been processed, and therefore realign bindCommerce, which in turn will be able to realign all the sales channels involved. Consider that the same bindCommerce system can update the actual stocks, without waiting for the involvement of the warehouse management (suitable for software that is not able to perform synchronizations without human intervention).

sincronizzazione inventario

Shipping management: bindCommerce communicates directly with numerous express couriers, generating shipping labels and receiving updates on the shipments themselves (which are then retransmitted to the sales channels from which the orders come).

Poste Delivery Business
Posta 1
Crono Express
Royal Mail

Administrative and accounting management: bindCommerce communicates with numerous administrative and accounting management systems, which need to receive information regarding orders and customers, in order to be able to process this information, fulfill tax obligations and comply with internal administrative needs.

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