One of the possibilities made available by bindCommerce is the management of dropshipping sales, active or passive, in and out. Thanks to bindCommerce it is possible to automate the placing on sale of products not present in your own warehouses, or to make your products available to other sellers.

For clarity we define what is meant by Dropshipping: it literally means "drop shipments", and means a sales method in which the supplier of goods (who physically owns the goods in their warehouses) deals with send the same directly to the consumers of the same, under the indication of the online seller who took care of promoting them and concluded the sale. 

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The figures involved in the sales process are as follows:

  1. The Customer finds the product through the reference e-commerce portals and places the order.
  2. The online Seller receives the payment for the goods and in turn makes the "real" order to the Supplier who actually owns the goods
  3. The Supplier who in turn receives the payment from the Seller (with a lower amount than the one actually paid by the Customer), sends the goods directly to the end Customer.

There is in fact a triangulation in which the online seller is formally the seller, and the supplier of goods does not appear in the eyes of the buyer (normally he sends anonymously, making the seller appear as the sender.

Dropshipping integration services for online sellers

But what does it mean to sell Dropshipping products? What issues should be addressed? 

In the most common case, dropshippers (the owners of the goods they ship by drop) make available their price lists in text files (CSV) downloadable online, or searchable through API (Application Programming Interface). The first step is to acquire these files by importing them into your database (your bindCommerce account).

The next step is to process the information received, by recataloging the products, performing counting on the price lists (to calculate their sales prices, applying a markup on the purchase price, possibly considering shipping costs).

So the time has come to sell the products on your shop or on your stores, on eBay, on Amazon and other marketplaces. You must then manage the after-sales, download orders on your management system and send them to the dropshippers.

All of this is manageable with bindCommerce!

Dropshipping integration services for products suppliers

The Dropshipping system is a revolutionary sales method that allows manufacturers or distributors of goods to expand their business possibilities thanks to the collaboration with online sellers interested in reselling products without managing the tasks and costs of a warehouse. 

The result for the warehouse owner is to amplify the sales possibilities in addition to those normally reachable by his own strength, having available online retailers interested in expanding their business. 

bindCommerce helps not only online sellers but also manufacturers and distributors of goods, providing:

  • the technologies needed to share your product catalog with online sellers
  • promotion of the catalog through its network of relationships and websites 

BindCommerce technology allows you to generate a standard CSV feed using mixed data sources. For example, it is possible to collect commercial information (availability and prices) from the company management system and combine these data with the technical information available from the online product catalog (e.g. from your B2B site).

The product data feed can be processed by online sellers with their favorite technologies (also, but not necessarily, with bindCommerce). 

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