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google shoppingGoogle Shopping - The search engine for online purchases

Formerly known as Google Product Search, Google Shopping allows you to search, compare and finally buy items on the web at the best price.

How does it work

Google is able to recognize when a user's search is directed to the purchase of a product. Taking advantage of this ability, the search engine shows bundles directly among the search results, which can be found at the top or right of the page, with a series of articles related to research that can be purchased from various platforms on the web.

Ads consist of photos, product title, e-commerce name and price. Google Shopping therefore allows you to check the prices on the web for the same item, and to buy it at the cheapest price.

You can easily filter the results by price, new or used item, and by resellers. By going into the details of each item, you have access to a detailed sheet, with the comparison of prices for each retailer.


Website: Google Shopping

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