bindCommerce 2.11

Release of Postalmarket marketplace integration


  • Added possibility to download custom parameters and decide where to place them within the order (PEC, SDI, tax code or notes)
  • Custom params reference management
  • Import excludes products configured as Gift
  • Clerk: Excludes gift cards from products and all null tags
  • Clerk: exclusion of products without images from the feed on Ecwid

Amazon Seller

  • support if_tracked option
  • added deletion target/subscription functions for concurrency monitoring


  • Coupon management in discount applications
  • Added ability to enhance stock in more than one location at a time
  • Added image references to avoid unnecessary calls in product publication
  • Uniformed roundings
  • Added download note attributes functionality
  • Managed order line coupons
  • Managed order line parameters


  • Improved management of UTF8 encoding in URL download
  • Managed various db fields added in the latest versions
  • Sku recoding when importing orders


Sku recoding in order unloading


  • Product export API: support for csv export via custom parameter
  • Order export API: support for order line parameters in csv export via custom parameter
  • Document import API: extra fields values inserted after discount calculation


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