Protection policy classification

The classification privacy policy of bindCommerce considers 3 levels of information data (and consequent levels of protection):

  1. Public information (level 0)
  1. Reserved information (level 1)
  1. Personally Identifiable Information (level 2)

Protection policy protection

bindCommerce protects data classified as level 0 and level 1 by applying the same security settings, as all data managed by bindCommerce is protected, even after it has been made public on eCommerce and Marketplace sites.

For data classified as level 2 (Personally Identifiable Information) additional measures are taken:

  • Encryption at rest
  • Encryption in Transit
  • Anonymization after use (when requested by data owner)

Kind of data

bindCommerce considers these kinds of data:

  • Products data
  • Orders and customers data

Products data

Products data includes these types of information:

  • Product descriptions (titles, extended descriptions, photographs, attribute values, etc ...)
  • Information relating to purchase costs and sales prices
  • Information relating to stock availability

Products information is a company asset. Accurate product descriptions offer greater competitiveness than the competition, and only the owner of this information can decide how to use it (e.g. publish it only on their eCommerce site or on marketplaces). Purchase costs, sales prices and quantities available in stock are also valuable information to be defended.

Products information is considered confidential (level 1) until the seller uses bindCommerce features to make this information public (level 0), for example by posting it on their eCommerce site or on Amazon.

Orders data

Orders data includes these types of information:

  • Shipping information: name, surname, company, address, city, postcode, region, country, telephone number, e-mail
  • Billing information: name, surname, company, VAT number, tax code, address, city, postcode, region, country, telephone number, e-mail, purchase order number
  • Order information: order number, purchase date, total amount, payment method (note: bindCommerce does not collect information on the customer's credit cards or bank details, but only the information of the payment method used), order notes (which may contain the gift message), shipping amount, shipping date, shipping method, traking number.
  • Order rows: SKU, other product identifier (ASIN, ISBN, EAN, UPC), product description, quantity, prices, VAT amount

Personally Identifiable Information (level 2) is that written below: name (shipping and billing), surname (shipping and billing), company (shipping and billing), VAT number, tax code, address, telephone number, e-mail (shipping and billing), order notes (which may contain the gift message), purchase order number


Personally Identifiable Information are anonymised within 30 days of the end of their use (date of shipment of orders).


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