A distributed eCommerce project allows you to sell your product catalog on multiple online sales channels: (1) eCommerce sites, (2) Marketplace and (3) networks of other online sellers.

The products in question may be owned directly by the online seller, or be stored in partner companies' warehouses, which will ship directly to end customers, on behalf of the online seller ( dropshipping ).

In this article we will give a concrete answer to a very common research among companies that, after an initial experience of eCommerce carried out on eBay, realize that "it works" and therefore the focus shifts to optimizing the work, which has to do with the integration or the integrated introduction of an ERP (billing or complete management program).

Integrazione gestionale eBay

eBay offers some options to manage sales and automate the most common activities: Sales Manager Plus, Turbo Lister or File Exchange. These tools, although valid, are not an integral part of company management, as they always force you to carry out a series of activities manually. The leap in quality is represented by the introduction of a management system for ebay, or rather, the ERP that can also communicate with eBay. 

Integrare VirtueMart ed eBay

The communication between eBay (one or more stores on one or more markets) and VirtueMart (one or more stores in one or more languages) is made possible by the intermediation of bindCommerce, where all data passes through and can be processed and enriched.

Integrare VirtueMart e Google Translate

bindCommerce has a special connector to Google Translate, thanks to which it is possible to manage automatic translation of the entire database of products, categories and manufacturers . Thanks to this function, it is possible to translate the contents of any platform connected to bindCommerce (in the specific case to VirtueMart).


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