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The integration between bindCommerce and the Etsy marketplace is planned for the future.

Etsy: the marketplace for artisans and creatives

Etsy is the marketplace that caters to artisans, creatives and designers from all over the world. The categories range from clothing, to objects for the home and the kitchen, up to the sale of materials for creatives such as fabrics, jewelery tools, models, and much more.

Within this vast market there are unique and original objects, often made on a small scale, and with infinite customization possibilities.

The platform is aimed at small local companies, putting them in contact with millions of potential buyers around the world. Opening a shop on Etsy is simple and intuitive, the marketplace team supports sellers and there is a manual entirely dedicated to using and managing the shop.

Etsy also has a mobile app for sellers that makes it easy and efficient to manage listings, orders and customer inquiries. The seller has access to up-to-date statistics about the store's sales and performance.

Furthermore, the Etsy seller can use the social tools that the marketplace makes available to help him increase the visibility of his shop, create targeted promotions and reach more customers.

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