Importazione fogli elettronici

bindCommerce has an articulated tool capable of managing the import of contents present on various formats of text files and spreadsheets :

  • CSV (comma separated value)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Open Office Calc
  • Google Sheet
  • File CSV
  • Fixed-width files

It is a useful tool in various situations, for example to perform massive updates of its product catalog, import translations performed by professionals, manage the acquisition of catalogs made available by dropshipper.

The flexibility of the configuration module allows you to adapt to any rationally structured file format, thus being able to manage the import of files made available by companies operating in dropshipping .

The file can be downloaded from FTP, HTTP and HTTPS urls, as well as being able to be performed in interactive mode.

Among the information managed we include:

  • Product title and description
  • Weight and size
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Stock availability
  • Prices (management of unlimited price lists)
  • Attributes (management of unlimited attributes)
  • Categories (with the possibility of pairing products with previously imported categories, or create the same during the product import process))
  • Pictures (up to 9 per product)
  • Translations in different languages

The import options allow you to choose how to treat the records:

  • add new products
  • update existing products
  • update only availability and prices
  • consider products not present in subsequent consignments as no longer available
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